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 Draco's GM/Mod Application

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Blastoise Warlord

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PostSubject: Draco's GM/Mod Application   Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:27 am

Key: Blastoise Warlord
In-Game Name: Draco (Insert Clan Name here)
Position applying for: Mod/GM

Experience: In the years I've been on BYOND, I've been admin to a handful of games such as Dungeon master and a few others hosted by friends. I do not abuse and enjoy helping people with any questions they may have, as well as hosting events to keep players enjoying the game. I played Naruto New Generations and a few other games like it before finally coming to RotU. I really enjoy RotU and find myself being very active and being on for several hours each day. I would enjoy being a mod/GM to help people as well as enforce the games rules. If theres any questions you have, Feel free to add me on pager, or simply ask me in-game.
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Draco's GM/Mod Application
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