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 Archlight MOD/Admin/GM application

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PostSubject: Archlight MOD/Admin/GM application   Tue Mar 06, 2012 1:33 am

key: Lightnin96
ingame name: Archlight

i have experince in a popular bleach eternity game since i was fair and joked around alot with the ppl in game if i become a postion in power i wont abuse it i never have iam quite likeable with the ppl on the game i dont rage like "certain people" iam on on weekdays from like 4pm to 9pm and most weekends iam free so iam off and on playing on my p3 and etc. for reference u can ask Abel15,Rednip,synperwolf23,synperwolf and my previous boss who i dabled in iconning for Sogetsku100

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Archlight MOD/Admin/GM application
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