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 SkyAkuto Administrator Resumé

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PostSubject: SkyAkuto Administrator Resumé   Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:49 pm

BYOND Key: SkyAkuto

In-game name: Uchiha, Akuto

Offers: I will consistently be on, administrate, and maintain the ROTU servers. I will help players when they need it, as well as help Ryan with any said tasks he may request. I will not argue, nor tolerate, anyone breaking the rules set by the owner - Ryan. No personal emotions will be placed in my administrative decisions, and I intend to make ROTU's player base larger through invitations and advertisement. I do hope I'm accepted, so that I may assist the game and make it a fun, large community.

Closing: I've owned many of my own games as of which I've updated, and possess many rare source codes up for sale or trade, Ryan may have them for free upon acceptance. Thank you.
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SkyAkuto Administrator Resumé
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