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 Secret Scrolls

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PostSubject: Secret Scrolls   Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:52 pm


Your Rasengan level is now level 2! It now lasts longer, have less charge time, and deal more damage!
You have masterd Rasengan! It now lasts even longer, has no charge time, deal more damage and the chakra usage is lowered by 35%!

Shadow Clones
Allows you to create exact replicas of yourself, they are given an even distribution of your chakra so it is hard to tell the difference.

Your Shadow Clone Jutsu level is now level 2! You now create 4 clones with 33% of your original attack!
You've mastered Shadow Clone Jutsu! You now create 6 clones with 50% of your original attack!

This jutsu is mastered by spamming!

Lightning Blade

This jutsu is not masterable (pre-mastered when bought)

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Secret Scrolls
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