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 Uzumaki jutsus and new jutsus + tournament ranks

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PostSubject: Uzumaki jutsus and new jutsus + tournament ranks    Wed Jan 16, 2013 7:39 am

i post here as long i cant post it in suggestions

Uzumaki jutsus:
1st jutsu
Multy hits : you give 3 hits in time of 1 hit at same time all your attacks is 25% stronger (multy hits must not stuck)
cooldown= 2 sec based on your agility can be decreased up to 1 sec
Draining= will drain 20 energy
2ond jutsu
Chakra seal: your next normal attack is going to deal 200% of the damage at your opoments chakra
level 2 : your attack is going to deal 300% of the damage to your opoment chakra + draining 50% of the chakra damage you delt
tips*: if your opoment doenst have any chakra left the rest of chakra damage is going to be dealt in your opoment hp + stuning him for 2 secs
cooldown: 10 secs can be decresed up to 6 secs based on agility
drain: 100 chakra
3rd jutsu:
Jutsu seal: your next normal attacks is going to seal your opoment jutsus make him for 3 secs unable use any jutsus at all
cooldown: 10 secs
Drain: 100 chakra
4th jutsu: Movement seal: your next normal attack is going to seal your opoments movement stun him for 2secs + canceling all hes buffs for that 2 secs
cooldown:15 secs can be decreased up to 10 secs based on your agility
draining : 200 chakra
(seals cant stuck one on other so you willl not be able use them all 3 together and your next attack deal effects of all 3 seals but will deal the effects only of the seal you use last multy hits is going to deal seal effects but just once)
5th jutsu chakra chain: you are releasing some chakra chain out of you that moving up to 6 tiles away they going to work like snake village jutsu but you will be able use jutsus that doesnt require movement inside that 3 secs that your chakra chains is on effect
level 2 : inreasing chakra chains effect from 3 secs to 4 secs and make you able move or use jutsus that requiring movement inside that 4 secs
cooldown:20 secs
drain:200 chakra
6th : clan jutsu
kyuubi: you will get kyuubi as 6th clan jutsu
7th: clan jutsu
Toril Seal: when you reach 250 level and you use toril seal you going loose your old kyuubi form and toril seal and get chakra tailed mode (naruto's 1st mode after beat kyuubi )
cooldown:120 mins (So if you use it before 250 you will not get chakra tailed mode + wait 120 more mins for re use it )
draining : 1400 chakra

old uzumaki's skills will be geted by every clan
kage bunshin no jutsu will remain as scroll that will randomly respawned somewhere on the forest after every reboot
barrage : after you masterise kage bunsin no jutsu you will auto learn that skill
rasengan : will be able learned by scroll like kage bunshin
RAsenshurinken: will be buffed and you wll be able learn it only after you already know rasengan and you won a tournament
diff to rasenshurinken : will deal damage based on pow and str at same time, rasenshurinken will work like rasengan meaning you will not throw it but after you hit someone you going get 33% of the damage back to you
level 2 rasenshurinken you will throw it so you will not receive damage back to you and is going to move faster
sexy jutsu : is going to be received by a new secret scroll

special skills can be learned by uzumakis :
Rasengan : uzumakis will be able auto learn rasengan when they reach 400 str + 150 con + chuunin rank or more
chakra tailed mode : reach 250 level and use toril seal
Yellow flash get chakra tailed mode + 400 agility
mini rasenshurinken : get chakra tailed mode + masterise rasenshurinken
mini rasenshurinkens is going to deal 25% damage of rasenshurinken damage
bijoudama rasengan : 1000 str + masterise rasengan + chakra tailed mode
Chakra tailed mode level 2 (the new mode of naruto) reach all your stats at least 600 + 1400 str + 800 agility + 500 kills

Chakra tailed mode level 1 : is going to give same stats as kyuubi mode but more moviment speed and you will need it for learn some special jutsus for uzumaki
Chakra tailed mode level2 : is going to give 25% more boost than chakra tailed mode level 1 +20% chances of dodge (jutsu or normal attack)

level 1 : can be hosted only by gm and above and once per reboot
rewards : 2.5 mill ryo or Chakra blade or yondamai cloak
level2 : can be hosted by GM or above and once per reboot you can get any secret scroll or learn rasenshurinken (if the one who host it is HGM or above)
level3: can be hosted by owner and only you going get bijou or sage mode or donjutsu (you are able receive donjutsu only once by tourn ) meaning: uchihas, hyuuga or path will be able have 2 donjutsus at same time and activate them both
but all other clans will be able have only 1 donjutsu

if you didnt understand somethink plz fell free to ask any question reason i suggest new uzumaki skills is cause uzumakis wasnt about rasengans and other thinks like that
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Uzumaki jutsus and new jutsus + tournament ranks
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