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 EvolutionMe's Game Master Application form.

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PostSubject: EvolutionMe's Game Master Application form.   Fri Mar 15, 2013 6:14 pm

In-Game Name: Paragus
BYOND Key: EvolutionMe
Applied Spot: Game Master
Time Zone: GMT (+00)

Why you want to be GM?: Well, instead of going straight out and stating that "I want to help people" I am going to explain why I REALLY want GM. To be honest, I want a new challenge, I've been Admin, Mod, Rewarder, Head Admin, Co-Owner with tons of games, helping people here and there, it's all been great, now that I've been playing Naruto Games for a long time I feel like I need a challenge, obviously I want to help out players here and there, if I didn't, I'd basically just be extra baggage on the Admin team, I also want to help you guys out, I don't know if I'm right but I believe that having someone from my time zone will help make sure that there is always some one watching over the game while you guys are AFK, at school, work, etc. etc.
I am one of those laid back type of people who takes alot of things as a joke, although when it comes to the rules, my serious face goes flying on and I sort it out as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Being GM, I'll obviously be able to mess with my dear friend SS18GOTEN, enabling me to enter HYPER-Stalk mode, tracking down his every move and obviously pouncing upon him, my prey. {<----Obvious joke}
My favourite part of being GM is hosting events, It's so entertaining watching the other players fight or search for the event items or a GM/Mod themselves, I interact with the players alot and I love to have fun. I also love sorting out rank tourney's as they can become super intense and ofcourse I love helping out people who are new to these types of Naruto games.
What can you do for us?: Well, for starters, I can give you cookies, I am always on, I love talking to the other players and meeting new people. I am very optimistic and I guess I could bring you guys a whole bag of fun and laughter. I am able to host well organized events, along with multiple Ranking Tournaments at the start of wipes.

Previous Experience:I have been Admin/GM in a few games, here is just some of them and what level I was.
Pokemon Red Rose: Head Admin
Pokemon Nightmare Land: Head Admin
Pokemon Lost Souls Redux: GM
Dragon Universe RP server: Level 3 Admin
Naruto Eternity: GM
Dragon Ball: Phoenix 2: Level 2 Admin
Dragon Ball Z Shattered Dimensions: Admin, Head Admin, Co-Owner

Amount of time you can be active and contactable:I am on all week, from around 4 PM to around 10 PM, obviously I will take breaks to eat, do my homework, etc. etc. My Skype is evolutionme39 incase you want to contact me about anything in specific.
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EvolutionMe's Game Master Application form.
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